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What We Believe

We believe that athletics provides opportunities to put into practice the biblical principles and lessons learned in the classroom, at home, and through the church. Involvement in athletics provides students with opportunities for character development and the use of God-given abilities to glorify God. Therefore, athletics at Regent Preparatory School is considered an important part of a student's school experience, one that compliments academic, familial, and biblical priorities.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Scripture commands us to always do our best with the talents God has given us. Becoming the best might not always be the result of our athletic program; however, doing our best must be.  We believe all Regent athletes should be diligent in preparation, relentless in effort, disciplined by nature, respectful in actions, self-controlled with words, humble in spirit, and aggressive in pursuit of excellence without regard to score, opponent, time, or referee. When Christian athletes display these characteristics, good things usually happen: teams are successful, players are motivated, fans are supportive and enthusiastic, parents are proud, prospective athletes want to participate, and often nonbelievers are drawn to Christ.  

Our Program

The Regent Athletic Program is designed to encourage open participation in a variety of sports.  We want students to confidently explore all sports, regardless of previous experience or skill level.  Athletics should build pride among participants and instill school spirit within the student body.  At all times athletes should follow school policies and procedures, honor school philosophy, and seek to bear witness. 

Role-Model Coaches

Coaches are role models for our student athletes and thus have the responsibility to model Christ-like attitudes, behaviors and desires.  Coaches are simultaneously participants and teachers.  They must use knowledge and organization to prepare their athletes for competition.  They must use wisdom and experience to make adjustments during competition.  And they must motivate, giving meaning to every situation a team or individual athlete might face.  Coaches bear great responsibilities, but are also given great opportunities, to mold young lives for Christ. 

The Bottom Line

At Regent we aim to prepare students to take the field of life of followers of Christ.  We believe athletics helps teach focus and toughness, and knowledge of the value of practice and teamwork.  It prepares athletes to handle challenges and pressures they will face far from the stadium and long after the season has ended.  Above all, athletics is a fine metal with which to forge Christian character.

Athletic Philosophy

 The Regent Athletic Program is integral to the educational process.  The purpose of the elementary athletic program is to provide all students with a variety of team and individual athletic opportunities in which to develop skills and build the values and attitudes that bring honor and glory to God.


The Regent Athletic Program promotes:

  • Excellence and enthusiastic participation
  • The development of Christ-like attitudes and behaviors on and off the field
  • Open participation for all students who meet the minimum requirements for a sport
  • The confidence to explore and participate in a variety of sports
  • Fundamental sports knowledge and skill development
  • Equal as possible playing time for all participants in elementary school
  • The preparation of students for competitive play in junior and senior high