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Truth, Tradition & Training..."T3"

Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma partners with parents.  We offer students a classical and Christian education in an atmosphere of faith, love, and affirmation.


Students study all subject areas in the light of God's truth.

Regent is an interdenominational Christian school. Our motto Fidelis Veritati is translated “faithful to the truth” and is a central objective in everything we do. The Regent education is rooted in the truth and authority of the Bible and acknowledges that God is evident in creation, sovereign through history, revealed in His son, Jesus Christ, and intimately concerned with us as individuals.  The Christian worldview unifies all areas of the Regent education and teaches the student to think as a Christian through every aspect of life. Students will learn truth, know it, and be able to defend it as they are equipped to live for Christ in a morally relative culture.   


Students appreciate the richness of western tradition that has shaped who we are today.

Regent is committed to a classical approach to education. We emphasize history from ancient times through the present, languages and culture studied in the light of Christianity, excellent classic literature, and the arts.  Along with the content, “classical” refers to the methodology of our studies which is known as the Trivium. The Trivium first emphasizes the grammar level or factual information in all subjects. Students then move into the logic stage, relating facts and asking questions. Finally, they enjoy the rhetoric of each area of study, learning to communicate effectively. These stages teach with the grain of the child, matching developmental readiness with the appropriate tools of learning.


Students form excellent habits and are trained for a successful life in this world.

Regent believes in consistent training, academically, intellectually, morally, and spiritually. The faculty encourages and models excellent habits that will provide a solid foundation for life. To train means “to teach, to form by practice.” The Regent education allows students to “practice life” in a supportive, loving environment, regardless of the area of study.  Students will be trained to think, to persuade, and to speak well — all within a biblical mindset. The goal is to prepare each student to realize the fulfillment of a life of service to God and man. 

Additional Points of Interest:

• Weekly chapel services

• Shortened school days for students through 2nd grade

• Nurturing environment

• Academically accelerated