Please contact the administrative offices to learn more about contributing to the mission of Regent Preparatory School. Contributions may be designated for any of the following funds.

  1. General:  Assists with personnel, facility, programming and maintenance expenses associated with the daily operations of the school.

  2. Faculty Assistance: Established to insure the retention of our quality faculty.

  3. Tuition Assistance: Established to assist families with the annual cost of tuition. 

  4. Arts:  Directed toward supplies and materials that are needed for the fine arts department which include: visual arts, photography, drama, band, and chorus.

  5. Athletics: Directed toward supplies, uniforms and equipment that are needed for the athletic department.

  6. Honorarium/Memorial: This program was created so that individuals may be honored or remembered. Each gift can be earmarked as a honorarium or memorial.   A listing of those individuals and companies participating are published in the Regent Reporter.