Photography Elective (class 9-12)


Regent high school students are given a unique opportunity to pursue art through the medium of digital photography. Unlike many traditional film-based photography programs, the curriculum is designed to expose students to everyday applications of digital photography through the instruction of award-winning photographers and digital artists. Class assignments demonstrate that photography is not only an artistic medium capable of capturing and expressing the beauty of God's creation, but also part of a visual language that goes hand in hand with written and verbal components of communication taught in the School of Rhetoric.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is intended to develop students technical skills as well as their ability to "see light" and identify the best way to compose and capture an image in a variety of situations. In class students utilize professional grade DSLR cameras, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop software, and Wacom pen tablets. Daily activities are based around a variety of exercises and tasks and conclude with a final project that demonstrates the culmination of their skills. The final project for Spring 2013 required students to create nine separate images capturing their interpretation of each Fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians chapter 5.