Middle School Robotics Club (Class 7-8)

The middle school robotics students work together to develop an understanding of the application of robotics in modern technology and present their work in competition through the First Lego League (FLL). Each year, the FLL publishes a theme detailing a global issue that robotics can help solve. Groups of up to ten students then create a team identity and work together to develop a presentation and build a Lego Mindstorms robot to complete standardized tasks.

The "Fellowship" Robotics Team (Class 9-12)

The high school robotics elective focuses on pursuance of knowledge, team camaraderie and individual discovery. The class designs, builds and programs robots to compete in competition through the First Tech Challenge (FTC). The teams are judged on everything from engineering to software design, programming, and how they record their progress in an engineering notebook. Competitions are comprised of their robots' autonomous and driver-controlled performance as they attempt to complete various tasks on a playing field with other robots. The teams are also interviewed by a panel of judges to learn more about their methods and creative process. Past honors have included recognition as part of the "winning alliance" in 2011/12 and the 2nd place “inspire award” at state in 2012/13 which qualified the Fellowship Team for world competitions.